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All Services

SCR MOTORS has been offering services about import and export in all kinds of goods, products or items.

Logistic Car

Our company has more than 10 years of expertise and experiences in transporting goods, especially with customers from Cambodia and importing cars from abroad with low tax when arriving at Sihanoukville Port *** and if the customers would like to import Car to Cambodia without paying tax immediately, you can import through our company with low tax service and can store the car for 2 years without paying import tax in Cambodia when you want to use the car we spend Only 2 days to reach the customers, and we accept cars from all countries to Cambodia.

Full-Service Transportation Logistics Solutions
Ready Logistics’ transportation and logistics solutions connect automotive dealers, auctions, commercial clients and car owners nationwide. From anywhere to everywhere, we make it easy to transport your vehicles quickly and conveniently.


International motorcycle and car shipping can be a challenging task for any individual to set up.

SCR motors

SCR MOTORS can ship between Thailand and virtually any country worldwide. Fill out our free international auto transport quote form and let us do the hard work. We will coordinate every aspect of your international move. Once you submit your quote request our specialized International Vehicle Shipping Coordinator will contact you shortly with a customized quote and will always be available to respond any questions you may have. Get your FREE QUOTE now! Even if you just want to move your Vehicle within Thailand we can help you.

The international moving services at SCR MOTORS will ensure that your move is as easy as it can possibly be. We take great pride in the high level of competency that our staff members have, and we cover every aspect of the move to give our customers the stress free experience they are looking for. We are international moving experts that are highly specialized in packing and moving to all destinations.

We have packers and movers in Bangkok and a few other locations throughout Thailand to give our customers the peace of mind and expert moving solutions that they need and deserve. There are many international removal companies in Thailand, but few that offer the high level of expertise, commitment to quality, and affordable prices that you will find when it comes to Eagle Movers to handle all of your moving needs.



When sending your goods to a new country, the service at destination is every bit as important as in Thailand. That’s why we, have a wide range of partners across the globe that take care of everything for you when the shipment arrives. Destination services for removals include: customs clearance at destination, collection from the port, storage if necessary, delivery to your new home, unpacking if required, and the removal of all waste materials. Our destination partners are experienced and have the local knowledge to move consignments smoothly through customs and across borders without avoidable delays or unexpected costs.


Interior Decoration

We have interior decoration services according to customers’ needs, and we have highly skilled technicians for VIP car decoration services and also used to decorate cars for High Show customers and cars for important events in Thailand

Interior Decoration We have interior decoration services according to customers' needs

and we have highly skilled technicians for VIP car decoration services and also used to decorate cars for High Show customers and cars for important events in Thailand

Modify Car

Our company has a beautiful car tailoring service tailored to the useful use of customers with a team of technicians with more than 25 years of experience and experience which our team has is decorating the 4 door car trim to 6 doors, designing yhe cars for transporting all kinds of goods and steering service from right to leftDrive with high quality, and highly reliable.

Things To Consider Before You Modify Your Car

1. Determine Your Goal – what are you trying to improve? The handling, speed and aesthetics of a vehicle can all be enhanced with safe car modifications

2. What’s Your Budget? – determine a budget so you don’t get carried away

3. Update Your Insurer – it can invalidate your insurance if you don’t disclose to your provider, the work you’ve had done to your vehicle. If you’ve made expensive modifications to your car, you want to make doubly sure that the vehicle is covered against theft, fire and damage

DO – get as much information as possible

We’ve covered a lot already but there’s still some information you might want to know, like are you allowed to modify a car on hire purchase? Or, what does tuning a truck do?

According to the Money Advice Service, you can’t sell or modify a car during a hire purchase contract term without first getting permission from the finance company itself. The same rules apply for a lease car – it’s always best to check before expensive modifications that you’re not allowed to make under your agreement.

The second answer is if you are thinking about tuning a truck, many of the same rules and regulations are the same as tuning a car. However, it does depend on the size of the truck and the type of modification.

DON’T – ignore the advice

There may be a lot of information in this article, but it’s important that you pay attention to all of it, because it can save you a huge amount of time and money if you are planning to make modifications to your car.

If you have already made the amendments and are looking for modified car insurance, then you already know that we could have a plan for you, which you can access by clicking here.

Our team would be delighted to get to know you and your car. We’re motoring enthusiasts here at Reis, so you can rest assured we’ll know what you’ll be talking about if you mention that you want to change your exhaust manifold or tune your ECU to boost airflow.

Once we have all of the relevant information, we’ll be able to provide a bespoke quote that will include the offer of a range of added benefits such as breakdown cover on the road when you’re out and about.

Finally, try to remember that your safety is the number one priority when making an alteration to a car, and you should always use a professional to carry out the work.

We deliver you the right parts fast

Our “Deliveries Team” is our backbone. They do the quotes for the spares and organise everything to ensure an on-time delivery. They take care of the travel organisation for all our technicians as well.

With an impressive supply of genuine SCR MOTORS Parts on stock, your systems will stay at the cutting edge of technology. Maintenance operations will be undertaken with speed, ease and reliability. In case of emergency, you’ll have the parts within 24 hours.

Original SCR MOTORS Spare Parts

How you benefit from using original SCR MOTORS spare parts:
Less machine downtime and a longer durability for your system, as spare parts are manufactured according to the high precision material specification and using state-of-the-art production technologies.
Continuous improvement of our components.
Fast maintenance. Our service technicians are thoroughly familiar with SCR MOTORS original spare parts. Maintenance is easy and time efficient for both the customer and SCR MOTORS Customer Service.
Extensive stock of SCR MOTORS original standard spare parts – even for older systems.
Direct delivery for parts we have on stock.
Spare parts quotations and deliveries
Logistics handling
Follow up of all shipments to permit on time delivery

We supply a set of recommended spare parts which you should hold in stock, in order to reduce downtime due to missing parts.